Patron Behavior Policy

We welcome everyone to use the Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library.  While everyone has equal access to Library services and facilities, no person has the right to interfere with the ability of others to use and enjoy Library resources, services, and facilities.

People demonstrating disruptive behavior will be required to leave the Library property after one warning from Library staff.  If the individual does not leave on his/her own, police may be called for assistance.  Violations may result in the restriction and/or termination of Library privileges, including the use of Library computers and other equipment.  Depending on the severity of the misbehavior, individuals who have been asked to leave Library property may be barred from returning to the Library.  Those who have been barred must speak to the director or his/her designee before being readmitted.  Juveniles will be asked to bring a parent or guardian to such a conference.  Patrons whose privileges have been restricted or denied may have the decision reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees.

Conduct not allowed on Library property includes, but is not limited to:
  • Engaging in activity that violates Federal, State, local, or other applicable law, or Library policy.
  • Damaging, defacing, stealing or misusing Library property.
  • Tampering with, altering, editing, or damaging Library computers, software or equipment.
  • Littering.
  • Eating and/or drinking, except in designated areas.
  • Using cell phones or pagers except in designated areas.
  • Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that is disruptive.
  • Noisy, boisterous or obscene behavior, including, but not limited to, the use of foul language or inappropriate gestures.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, fighting or throwing objects.
  • Verbally or physically threatening or harassing other visitors, Library staff or volunteers, including stalking, staring, touching, or using offensive language.
  • Obstructing access to the Library, parking lot, or Library property.
  • Using skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters or any other sports equipment anywhere on Library property.
  • Loitering.
  • Possessing any weapon on Library property except those in the possession of police.
  • Using tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs in any form on Library property.
  • Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children.  Library staff are not responsible for censoring items being checked out by children or teens.
  • Leaving children under the age of 12 unattended.

Shoes and shirts must be worn in the Library.

Library staff are not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees:  August 26, 2014.