Crawford Library Mission Statement
The Mission of the Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library is to provide members of our diverse community with equal access to traditional and electronic media, programs, and exhibits that will encourage life-long learning, expand cultural horizons, facilitate research, and inspire curiosity.

Karen E. Wall, Director
Pam Chenevert - Youth Services Librarian
Heather Roberts - Circulation Aide
Lena Costen - Circulation Aide
Anne Ethier - Circulation Aide
Patricia Buzanoski - Circulation Aide
Tasha Mayen - Circulation Aide

The Board of Trustees meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month from July –June of each fiscal year, and at other special meetings as required and posted. Meetings are held at the Dudley Municipal Complex. The Trustees are elected by the Town of Dudley voters and do not receive a stipend for their services.
Library Board of Trustee By-Laws
Patricia Korch, Secretary
Cathy Carmignani
Richard Clark
Joyce Nierodzinski
Harrison Records

Duties and Responsibilities of the Library Director and Trustees
The Library Director and the Board of Trustees work together as partners.

The Board of Trustees make general operating and administrative policies. The Library Director supervises the internal management, daily operation and procedures of the library. The Board acts as an agent of public trust governing the library. The Library Director exercises professional judgment under the direction and the review of the Board to implement the goals, objectives and policies set by the Board.